Financial Solutions For Your Business

Why Bankers Capital Funding?

We’re Fast

As a small business owner, we understand how valuble your time is. At BCF we can evaluate your request in 24 hours and fund your business within 3-5 Business Days.

We're Easy To Use

With a one page application, authorization form, and business bank statements, we can get you started today!

We're Flexible

We are not a bank, and we have our own money to lend. We are able to look beyond your personal credit profile and focus on the health of your business.

Bankers Capital Funding 3-Step Process

1. Quick & Easy Application

Tell us about your business.

2. Select What Works for You

We provide multiple options for each client.

3. Get the Capital You Need!

We wire funds direct to your account.

Our Loan Programs


What We Offer

Business Loans 

 Offers a fixed repayment structure. Financing is based on the business's annual gross revenue. 

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Merchant Cash Advance

Business Advances are not loans. Instead they are the sale and purchase of future credit (Visa, Mastercard, Discover & AMEX) receipts from a business. Repayments are based on a fixed percentage of these receipts.

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Typical Uses Include

Additional Inventory Renovations Marketing Expansion
New Locations New Employees Variable Expenses
Cash Flow Management Recievables Management Unexpected Challenges
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